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Integrity Ireland seeks protection of Presidential Office       printable version
13 Jan 2015 filed by editor - General

Integrity Ireland, which was setup to expose and fight corruption in the Irish legal and justice system, has written an Open Letter to President Higgins requesting the protection of his office because of the unprecedented obstalces and obstructions they say they have encountered.

The open letter, reproduced at the foot of this article, is seeking the protection of the Presidential Office in the  event we have to arrest two of our most senior judges for criminal conspiracy on Friday January 30th next.

There is an abundance of evidence (as most of you already know) of serious, systemic corruption and criminality being perpetrated on ordinary citizens by some of the most powerful figures in the land—most notably by senior Gardai, civil servants and State-sponsored lawyers—and compounded by the knowing complicity of our Courts.

While 'connected' persons and State employees escape prosecution, ordinary citizens get intimidated and falsely arrested; legitimate complaints get suppressed; Court rules are routinely ignored; perjury and lies are commonplace; documents get amended, altered or forged; fraudulent Orders are issued by compromised Courts.. and all of this under the watch and instructions of some of our most senior Judges who really DO believe they are above the law—possibly because 5 out of 6 of them were appointed by political colleagues without any proper transparency or competitive 'due process'! See 

None of us has the remotest chance of receiving justice in our individual cases as long as these blatant abuses of the law and the Constitution go unacknowledged and unaccounted for—and as long as particular Judges simply 'make it up as they go along'!

Judges are Irish citizens too, and they ARE (supposedly) "subject to the law and the Constitution". If they engage in corrupt activity or facilitate criminal acts, then they too are individually complicit in those crimes and are subject to criminal prosecution. If our so-called 'statutory authorities' and 'elected representatives' are not willing to properly respond—then we citizens simply have to do it ourselves.

Please share these links far and wide folks—and most especially with the international media—because it's time for the world to know first-hand what is really going on in 'dear old Ireland'. Maybe then, when individual Judges, Gardai, politicians, lawyers and senior civil servants face the glare of the international media—and the risk of a citizens' arrest—maybe then we will begin to see some real reforms.

'One by one—together—we CAN make a difference!'

The video letter can be viewed at these links.


Judgements, Threats and Consequences.. an open letter to President Michael D Higgins..
Posted by: I-I Admin at 13:29, January 7 2015.

Dear President Higgins,
We respectfully write to you today in your role as President of Ireland regarding a grave moral and legislative crisis which threatens to undermine all of the stated values and fundamental principles of our Constitution. We write after having exhausted all other possible avenues of approach to the various ‘Statutory authorities’ and their respective agents, including multiple formal approaches and written complaints to the so-called ‘statutory oversight bodies’ (most notably An Garda Siochána, the Garda Ombudsman Commission and the Irish Courts) who have, without exception, utterly failed in their respective mandates to serve the public and protect and safeguard the Irish Constitution.

I approach you today Sir as a law-abiding Irish citizen, as a concerned husband and father of three children (one with special-needs) and as an active member of the Integrity Ireland community, to seek your personal intervention in a series of alarming incidents and events which are being perpetrated illegally by various agents of the State, including several persons in high office who are embroiled in so many acts of serious and inexcusable malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance as to render their positions in any legislative, service-related or governance roles to be absolutely unconstitutional and illegal, and therefore utterly untenable.

The immediate matters referred to include a succession of criminal acts committed against myself and my family since 2009 including an extended campaign of harassment; intimidation; defamation; physical assaults; death threats and other serious attacks (one of which is linked to an ‘unsolved’ murder which Gardaí have failed to properly investigate) – as well as to the subsequent proven cover-ups and collusion by agents of the State – which (either before or after-the–fact) have been committed with the direct personal knowledge of senior Gardaí up to and including current and previous Garda Commissioners Martin Callinan and Noirin O’Sullivan; with the full knowledge of DPP Clare Loftus and senior members of her staff including the current Chief State Solicitor Eileen Creedon; with the knowledge of Ministers of Justice Alan Shatter TD and Frances Fitzgerald TD; and with the full knowledge of Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD who has, for a period of at least three years, repeatedly failed or refused to meet with us to discuss matters. This, despite us articulating our serious concerns that the lead instigators of the criminal attacks are personally connected to Mr Kenny and/or are aligned with prominent members of local Fine Gael, and are it seems, receiving ‘protection’ and assistance in their criminal activities from State agents, including being apparently immune from criminal prosecution and being facilitated time-after-time in serial abuses of our Courts, while they continue to make an absolute mockery of our so-called justice system.

In context of the above, and in addition to scores of similar sworn complaints as recorded on the Integrity Ireland database, I wish to draw your particular attention to the fact that we have, as of December 22nd 2014, lodged a criminal complaint with An Garda Siochána (copied to Garda Headquarters) under the reporting obligations of Section 19 of the Criminal Justice Act 2011; and in context of Articles 34 & 35 of the Irish Constitution naming two of our most senior Judges (amongst certain others) as being knowing parties to an ongoing conspiracy to pervert the course of justice; incorporating the commission of—and/or the knowing facilitation of—serial incidences of fraud, deception, perjury, contempt of Court, and other unlawful breaches of the Constitution, of the law and of their respective Oaths of Office; as outlined (in part) in the copy of said criminal complaint attached.

Furthermore, inasmuch as I have received notification (as the Plaintiff in a High Court action) to attend an Appeal hearing on Friday January 30th next; and inasmuch as that hearing is scheduled to be heard in utterly improper circumstances that are predicated on an indefensible series of frauds, deceptions and other calculated abuses of position and authority which have been ‘facilitated’ (at the very least) by various agents of the State and members of the Judiciary; and inasmuch as it would now constitute knowing complicity on my part if I were to participate further in these illegal and unconstitutional activities; and inasmuch as we have written scores of formal letters and complaints to all parties concerned concerning the affiliated criminal activities of agents of the State (such as collusion and conspiracy to pervert justice for example); and given we cannot secure any proper responses from those whom we have approached to date; then I write to you Sir as the current President of Ireland, to respectfully advise that if I am to abide by the law and the Constitution, that I cannot – indeed absolutely should not – participate further in these illegal activities such as those which are currently being perpetrated by the aforesaid two senior Judges (and affiliated others) in our Superior Courts.

However, as a courtesy to the Court and as a gesture of respect to the law of the land as it is supposed to be administered – it is my intention to attend the Appeals Court on January 30th next so as not to be adjudged in contempt of Court. As a law-abiding citizen however, I also understand that it is my solemn duty NOT to knowingly participate in illegal, fraudulent or criminal activities – even if instructed to do so by any given Judge (Article 35.2) – and I am therefore stating my position in advance ‘for the record’ and copying the same to the respective parties so that there is no misunderstanding of the position. I therefore respectfully advise of my intention to initiate a citizen’s arrest of any Irish citizen (including any member of the Judiciary) who knowingly participates in or facilitates criminal activity (under the respective legislation) and I now seek your personal assurance that I will receive the full protection of your Presidential Office should any further unconstitutional abuses be visited upon us.

We further seek your assurances that a Presidential Commission of Enquiry will be immediately set up to enquire into the matters referred to herein; to ascertain as to whether or not the aforesaid Judges (amongst certain other members of the Judiciary) should be subject to impeachment proceedings – and whether other named persons in the employ of the State should be removed from Office and prosecuted for criminal offences – to which end we undertake to cooperate fully with any such legitimate enquiry.

It is probably pertinent and appropriate Sir to note that I am fully aware of the terms and conditions of the Defamation Act 2009 and of the consequences of publishing anything which I know to be untrue, and it is in this specific context that I advise of my intention to make this letter—and all materials in my possession that relate to it—freely available for inspection by any investigative, private or public source.

Thank you for your time and consideration Sir. Given the pressing timeline, I respectfully invite a timely response, and commit to being available to meet you personally at short notice.

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