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Stardust tragedy victims families demand justice as 33rd-anniversary approaches       printable version
05 Feb 2014 filed by editor - General

Families of the victims of the Stardust nightclub fire say thet are prepared to take legal action if the government fails to produce a submission of evidence that contradicts the evidence put into the public domain by the Foy Report, which they say is nothing but the truth.

Antoinette Keegan, a spokesperson for the Victims Committee, stated today:  "Minister for Justice Alan Shatter believes that another inquiry into the 48 deaths of the Stardust fire disaster is unwarranted. He forgets that as Minister for Justice the state has a duty to validate a life unlawfully killed with an effective investigation and a public record that validates the right to life of the 48 killed people.

Ms. Keegan said:  "Stupidly, Minister Shatter has made press statements in the Dail and to the press recently in which he claims "Paul Coffey reported that the cause of the fire cannot be found so in light of this there is no need for another inquiry". We have asked Mr. Shatter to give us a copy of his terms of reference that allowed Paul Coffey to go investigate the cause of the fire. He has not handed this to us yet. We know he has lied as no such terms of reference exist. 

"We have contained our anger and maintained our dignity over the years but we have compiled a list of names of officials in the Department of Justice and the Office of the Taoiseach office as well as Minister Shatter, Ms. Keegan continued,  and we shall report them to An Garda Shiochana this week for conspiring to pervert the course of justice if they fail to produce a submission of evidence that contradicts the evidence put into the public domain by the Foy Report, which is nothing but the truth.' 

"The Foy Report clearly proves the necessity for a commission of inquiry as it provides evidence that completely contradicts the publicly recorded position that the fire started was started on a seat rather than in the roof-space. 

"You are persons working in government and have a duty of responsibility to validate the right to life of the 48 people who died in the Stardust ballroom by holding an effective investigation to correct the public record, as was Paul Coffey recommendations in his first report which is not in the public domain but we will publish this on Tuesday at 3pm," Ms. Keegan concluded.

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