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New Artist-in-Residence openings with Decade of Centenaries Programme       printable version
22 Feb 2021 filed by editor - Arts

A new Artist-in-Residence scheme us being run to create new works to encourage public engagement with the Decade of Centenaries and institutions.

Artists will be invited to reflect on the rich collections held by our institutions and other bodies and create innovative pieces in order to reach new audiences.

The programme is in partnership with the National Museum of Ireland (NMI), the National Library of Ireland (NLI), the National Archives (NAI), the Beyond 2022 Project and the Military Archives as part of the Decade of Centenaries Programme 2021-2023.

This collaboration with the five hosts will culminate in imaginative work and new audiences for the vast array of collections held by our National Cultural Institutions and other bodies. The duration of each residency will be specific to the host Institution and a fee of up to €20k is available per residency (with both the NMI and NAI proposing a two year residency with a fee of €40k over two years proposed).

Announcing the new funding scheme, Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media Minister Catherine Martin T.D. said: “As we embark on the final, most challenging phase of the Decade of Centenaries, new programmes such as this can serve to bring some of our rich primary source material into the public domain in engaging and imaginative ways. Artistic and creative endeavours will have an important role in encouraging reflection, exploration and debate during the remainder of the Decade of Centenaries 2012-2023, allowing people of all traditions to question and consider issues which may be challenging and difficult.”

The focus for 2021 is on five Institutions that hold and/or present material with a direct connection to the period and to bring those historical collections, documents etc. to new audiences. The Programme hopes to explore original ways to engage with this part of our history and support authentic historical enquiry about this period as well as promote the use of archival resources. It also aims to support artists and highlight the importance of artistic enquiry in the Decade of Centenaries Programme. 

Each of the five partner Institutions in the Programme will engage an artist selected from a specific discipline or a range of artistic disciplines (depending on the bespoke requirements/emphasis of that body) to reflect on particular collections identified by the Institution and a theme or themes falling under the scope of the Decade of Centenaries.

Minister Martin continued: “I would encourage artists of all disciplines to apply for this Programme. We hope this Artist-in-Residence Programme will lead to the development of unique and original work which will attract new and existing audiences to our precious national collections; it also provides contemporary creative arts practitioners with an opportunity to develop their creative practice in the interdisciplinary environment of these Institutions.”

The Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media is providing funding of €125,000 in 2021 to the Artist-in-Residence Programme as part of the Decade of Centenaries Programme.

Each participating Institution will select their own artist-in-residence based on shared criteria and based on the themes of the Decade of Centenaries.

Some Institutions have specified the type of artist they wish to work with and others are open to all artists.

Details of each Institution's requirements can be found here:

  • Applications under the scheme are welcome from today Monday 22/02/2021;
  • The closing date for receipt of applications is 17:00 on Friday 19/03/2021;
  • Completion of assessment of all applications during April; and
  • Announcement of the 5 successful artists by the Minister will follow.

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